Monday, December 24, 2012

..Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 2..

Peace Be Upon You..

And now, as you can guess (if you cant, dont be dissapointed), the moment of truth, i will tell you want happen to me during the second day of comic fiesta 2012..

Well, during the previous post, i said that i would wear my costume during the second day. Ladies and gent, i'm not kidding. I wore my costume all the way to KLCC Convention Center. From UiTM Shah Alam till there. Of course people cant stop looking at us, the abnormal but, at the end of the day, we dont care anymore.

Lets begin the journey. As we woke up from from restless slumber, it was already 6:30. Me and Sammy have a girl's night at Ada-chin's room. The block was almost empty. Who want to sleep alone? Then, i traveled back to my room. After done some fundamental cleaning and wore my costume, i walked to Sammy room. Quit far i might add. Why must i go to her room anyway? simple. I dont know how to wear contact.

As i went into her room, Sammy already wore her costume and currently adjusting her make-up. She taught me how to wear the contact but failed as i cant opened up my eyes when someone want to put their finger on it. Sammy blamed me and said "terkedip-kedip, terkedip-kedip.. cubit kang!".. Come on! my sense of protectiveness on my eyes are far too great.. After hardworking involving Sammy's claws, we managed to put the contact. Ada-chin also went to Sammy's room with the contact. Thank God she only took awhile.

On 7:45, we departed from Mawar to Section 2 and then took U80 bus to KL Central. At the bus stop, we took some picture as a distraction from people's stare.

 The cute German (Ada-chin) and Denmark (Miss Sammy)..
Starring me as Naruto Uzumaki..

To shorten the story, we reached KL Central on 9:20. We dont have our breakfast there cause something from the previous day experience did not satisfied our need as the hungry trolls (opps,, sorry Sammy..)..We continued our journey to KLCC Convention Center and Ada-chin managed to get a boyfriend on the LRT. A guy named Corey. Me and Sammy teased Ada a lot when we lost Corey 2 hours later. 

We walked straight to the place and a bit stars-trucks when people with their costumes already there waiting for the permission to go in. 10 minutes later, the place opened after 10 seconds countdown. The stalls were the same as the previous day but, that were not the eye-catcher for the second day instead cosplayers were the major thingy. There were lots and lots of them surrounding us. Guess what? We managed to found the yesterday Sabby and this time, we took picture with him.. :D

I cannot explained more about the day cause our time surrounded around cosplayers..

 What Naruto do as she arrived KLCC? of course food! One Rotiboy please!

As we given the permission to go in, i draw the whiskers and POSING!!

 Wondering around and Denmark and German found Tsuna!! snaping snaping..

 The first person who wanna took Denmark picture.. way to go Denmark!!

 Keep my freebie in the bag.. I love freebie!

Too early! no one want to watch the stage..

 German sat down after one round of 'cuci mata'..

The awesome Mystical Mirage performing. Naruto song: fighting dreamer!

 Picture please!!

 We caught the yesterday handsome Sabby!!! look at the excited face.. His name is Martin. A professional cosplayer,, i think..

 Put a reminder for the day.. search for Sammy's signature too.. 

After strolling around some more, we cant ignore the empty stomach anymore. We got out from there and went to the food court.. Full with people and after a while, we managed to find a sit. 

 Cam-whoring again!!

How blue is my eyes?

 Naruto ate Malaysia..

 Denmark also want to eat Malaysia..

 Peace no war..
Denmark ordered lunch..

 German ordered lunch too..

After lunching, i leave Denmark and German to see my sister and have lunch with her.. Before you ask,  i'll tell you NO! i dont lunching for the second time. I dont have my lunch with German and Denmark. After KFCing with my sis, we randomly want to fashion store and people in there watched me like 'you're out of fashion'. Come on! anime is fashionable.. Then, my sis when back and i went to pray.. 

Denmark, German and I went back to Comic Fiesta and Cam-whoring again..

After a long day, we decided to go back. I cannot feel my legs anymore( hyperbole)!!!

 As Usual, we cant stop snapping.. 

 Randomly took. See how normal we are if  we were together??

 In front of KLCC Suria..

 Sammy managed to grab Moruko at LRT station. Moruko look tired..
 Look at our tired face. However, still have the energy to photo-shotting.. 

Finally, we cam-whoring all the way home.. How i feel grateful there were so few people on the KTM..

How Denmark glad she bought something.. Precious!!

Here come the handsome pic!! Something that we called "Denmark went back from work using public transportation.."

 OMG!! scandalous!!

 Naruto concurring the KTM!
Very beautiful Ada-chin!!

 Naruto and Denmark have a moment.. 

AGAIN!! Scandalous!!

 "inilah barisan kita, yang ikhlas berjuang, siap sedia berkorban, untuk comic fiesta!"
 Day-dreaming Naruto..

Showing off the armour ring..

 bila nak habis ni?

 Sudah! berhenti, berhenti!

Okay.. this look sad..

Final picture in the rapid bus..

Finally, its hard to type the comment for the pic you know.. To sum it all, it was really a fun day.. We satisfied with everything..



    I miss CF.. (TTATT)

  2. yup.. too hot for his own good.. I miss CF too... T_T